Friday, March 29, 2013

Nath's Sonic the Hedgehog Themed 5th Birthday

This is a Sonic the Hedgehog themed 5th birthday party for my son.

This was my little boy's birthday party last year. Both of us were sick that time so we didn't
want to risk inviting other kids and getting them sick also. But that didn't stop us from celebrating his birthday. I'm guessing it's the same with most kids, but my son's favorite characters/shows/games vary every few weeks, and at that time, his favorite was Sonic the Hedgehog. Luckily they had some Sonic party supplies available at Party City because I wasn't really feeling well enough to make the decorations myself.

Sonic the Hedgehog Birthday Cake customized with edible paper.

Sonic The Hedehog Themed Birthday Party Decorations

On the wall on the left, I put some of my favorite pictures of him in the frames. On the right side, I taped NATH IS FIVE letter cutouts on our magnet board and hang some pictures of Nath with family, so even though we couldn't invite them, they were kinda there with us, I don't know if that makes sense with you guys. (^_^)

This is the doughnut eating game we did for my son's Sonic the Hedgehog themed birthday party.

We played the "Donut Game," eating a donut hanging from the wall without using hands. It was hilarious watching them try to bite the donuts, especially when some of the donuts were swinging around and kept hitting them in the face.

My little guy eventually got tired and just grabbed the donut and started eating it like there's no tomorrow. It's against the rules of the game, I know, but what good is being the birthday celebrant if we couldn't bend the rules for him a little bit. (^_^)

We also played "Pin the Ring on Sonic Game" and "Sonic Says."

And that concludes Nath's 5th birthday celebration. It wasn't extragavant in any way, but I think the most important thing about a birthday party is making the celebrant feel special. And I hope he would look back to this day and remember that he is loved and that we are thankful for having him in our life. (^_^)


  1. I love it! I have a feeling we may have a Sonic party in the next couple years... My son absolutely LOVES Sonic the Hedgehog. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Hi I will be throwing my son a Sonic party also but have been having a hard time finding a sonic themed cake. Did they have the sonic themed cake at the bakery or did you make it? I thought your decorations were awesome!

    1. Hi there! I made the design for the cake with my computer, printed it out, and gave it to the bakery. They used edible paper for it. I was really happy with how it turned out. I think it's a great way to personalize cakes without spending too much money. Good luck with your son's party! Thank you for stopping by!

  3. Silly question, what did you use to hang the donuts?

    1. I don't think your question is silly at all! :) All I had was curling ribbon at the time so that's what I used. We had 3M hooks on the ceiling (just like these ones -- ) and that's where we hung them from.


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