Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Father's Day Handmade Gift Ideas

Father's Day is coming up and I thought I would post some handmade gift ideas. I made these coupon books about 2 years ago, one for my stepfather and another one for my husband. They're actually my 6-year-old boy's gift for them, so he helped me decide what to write on the coupons.

This one is for my stepfather. The Filipino word for grandfather is lolo, but when Nath was younger, he couldn't pronounce it right, it sounded like Woewoe. His grandpa thought it was cute so that's what Nath calls him up to this day.

This a handmade gift for Father's Day and also a good gift for a dad's birthday.

Here is how it looks like inside...

A handmade gift for Father's Day or a dad's birthday.

A handmade gift for Father's Day or for a dad's birthday.

This one is my favorite. Want to know why?

A handmade gift for Father's Day or for a dad's birthday.

You lift up the flap, and inside it you will find...

A handmade gift for Father's Day or for a dad's birthday. This page has a band-aid inside the flap.

...TADA!...a band-aid for his grandpa's owie. Nath thought that was pretty cool.

This is the last page. I'm glad Nath wrote his name here. Makes me pretty nostalgic looking at his handwriting now. Why do they have to grow up so fast? (sigh)

This is a coupon book that can be made for Father's Day or as a gift for a dad's birthday.

This one is for my husband. He is a big Chargers fan, hence the Chargers colors. Tatay is Filipino for dad. The inside pages are very similar to the ones above.

Father's Day gift idea, also good as a dad's birthday gift.

I also made a digital scrapbook page in a frame for my stepfather. He said he likes the Grandpas hold our tiny hands... quote and also the picture of their hands. I gotta say, I'm liking it too. (^_^)

Grandpas hold our tiny hands for a little while but our hearts forever.

Here is what it looked like all gift-wrapped. I used rub-on letters on little pieces of paper to spell out Happy Father's Day.

This is how I gift wrapped my Father's Day gift.

I made these for Father's Day, but I think they would make great gifts for birthdays too. What do you think?


  1. I love how so much thought went into your gifts like using a special name - woe woe.

    I know you said these were done in the past but I'm sure they still being adored!

    I agree these would be great gifts for a birthday too!

    1. Thank you Krystie! Not everybody appreciates handmade gifts but I'm so happy that my stepfather actually treasures his coupon book. And I really appreciate it, because you're right, we put a lot of thought, time and effort on these things. I keep telling my kids, special doesn't necessarily mean expensive.

  2. Thank you so much for sharing this at my Saturday Spotlight link party! I love homemade gifts, they hold so much more sentimental value to me. I changed the picture for you. If you would prefer using an different one, just let me know. :)

    1. Thank you so much, April! The picture you used was perfect, I really appreciate it!

  3. Cute! I love the one with the Band-Aid too! Thanks for sharing at Party In Polka Dots!!

  4. Love the idea of the Band Aid! Thank you for sharing at our ALL MY BLOGGY FRIENDS party :-)

  5. They're so personal, but adaptable! Ill have to come up with one of these myself, but add my own touches of course. Thanks so much for the great idea!

  6. Lovely gift for father i wish i could have some of them for my father, i was searching for Barneprodukter do you have any unique and cheap idea for this summer kids gifts.

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