Friday, April 19, 2013


When Nath was still a baby I read about how some women make a list of the funny things their kids say or do. I thought, "How come I didn't think of that?" and I swore that I would make one for him. But... I never did. If I had started doing it as soon as he learned to talk, my list would probably be in the hundreds by now. Well, no use fretting about it now, right? So I'm going to begin doing it now, before I miss out on more of his Nath-isms. So here it goes....

1."Mom, look at my scarf! I dressed up nice today!" April 17, 2013
One morning, while he was getting ready for school, I heard him call out to me while I was in the kitchen. So I went into the living room and this is what I saw.

His scarf is actually a throw blanket. I guess wrapping any piece of fabric around your neck makes it a scarf? Hmm...

2. Nath: "I am your vampire baby!"
    Me: " Ok then, you're my vampire baby."
    Nath: "Help! The sunlight is hurting me!"
    Me: "No, it's not! Were a special kind of vampire."
    Nath: "Ugh! Please tell me were NOT gonna sparkle!"  April 19, 2013
Whenever we walk to school in the morning, Nath likes to pretend were characters from his shows, or his video games, or just any kind of monster. So we have been zombies, werewolves, firebenders, and on this particular morning, we were vampires. But apparently,  not like the ones from Twilight. LOL

3. "Why do they keep making that sound? Sounds like a cawing bird! Cacaw! Cacaw!  June 6, 2013
Wanna guess what he's talking about? It's Maria Sharapova's grunt sound whenever she hits the tennis ball.


  1. haha he's cute! kids are just funny and ingenuous, aren't they?

    thanks for dropping by my blog... I'm returning the love! :)

    Spanish Pinay


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