Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Daddy Herschel's 61st Birthday

My stepfather turned 61 years old last weekend. We decided to make him a surprise birthday celebration in advance. The little boy had a sleep over with his woewoe and woewa (lolo and lola is Filipino for grandpa and grandma, but when Nath was younger he couldn't pronounce it right, sounded like woewoe and woewa), so we knew for sure that they were coming that day to bring him home.

This is the birthday card I made him. I used the digital scrapbooking kit from Kristal Kreations. You can click here to check out her site. This is the same kit I used to make my Father's Day Freebie.

Birthday Card for Dad

Claire made a drawing of him, but unfortunately I didn't get to take a picture of it. Yes, me, the family paparazzi, forgot to take a picture of something. Still kicking myself about that, by the way.

My sixteen-year-old daughter Bea made this chocolate cake from scratch. 

Chocolate Cake

You want to know how I made the number 61 on the cake? First, I printed out the number, making sure it's the right size for the cake. Then I stapled a piece of wax paper on top of it. And then I melted some white chocolate, spooned it into a ziploc bag, snipped off a corner and piped it onto the wax paper. I tried my best  to follow the shape of the number 61, then topped it off with sprinkles. When I was satisfied with it, I put it into the freezer for a few minutes until the white chocolate is set.

The thing is, I went a little crazy with the birthday candles. And you know how when you have a lot of candles to light, it kind of takes you forever to finish lighting them all? Yeah, that's when the white chocolate started to melt. Yep, our number 61 turned all weird and melty. Oh well, at least we had a good laugh about it. Makes it more memorable, don't you think?


  1. Cute! Love the way that you used the letters of his name to make descriptive words! Very clever. Glad you like the kit so much! If I ever find more time in my days I would like to make more kits but it just is not happening lately!

    1. I'll be looking forward to seeing more kits from you, Kristal! I really love all the details you put into this Father's Day Kit. Thanks so much for the visit!

  2. Very creative. And love the cake, it looks delicious. I don't mind melted chocolate BTW. :)

    1. My daughter did a great job with the cake, super moist and chocolatey. Thanks for stopping by Suzanne!

    2. Aww, looks like he had a special birthday! I love the way you used his name to find words that describe him and the cake looks yummy!

    3. Thanks Jessica! It was a really simple celebration but we're glad that he loved it.

  3. You sure made it a very special birthday.
    I love the cake and the numbers on it.
    And if you had a good laugh because the numbers melted - then as you said, you turned this birthday to an unforgettable one :)


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