Sunday, December 15, 2013

Snowflake Gift Tag

Snowflake Gift Tag by chengand3kids

I love Christmas!

I love the colors, the lights and the decorations.

I love all the food (but not the extra pounds, UGH!)

And I also LOVE wrapping the gifts and thinking of ways to personalize each and everyone of them!

My husband gave me my Silhouette Cameo as a birthday gift a few years ago. And I love (there's that word again, haha!) how it makes gift-tag-making super easy! No more store-bought gift tags for us!

Now, I know this can be time consuming but I'm having way too much fun to worry about the time. Yup, I am a gift tag junkie. (Yes, it's a thing.)

I used the Classic Snowflake Set shape (Design ID #23309), and the Aharoni Font.
Here's a closer look.

Snowflake Gift Tag by chengand3kids

Time to fess up.
DIY gift tags or store-bought?
It's okay, it's a judgement-free zone here. ;)


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